Computers by Apple, Inc.

Steve Jobs & Bill GatesThe first really successful personal computer built by Apple was the Macintosh, which is known in the world of computing as the "Mac". Mac Computer Even though that particular computer has been out of production for several decades, most people, especially those of us who are largely ignorent of Apple products, still call most Apple computers, "Macs".

Unlike it's chief rival, Microsoft, Apple adopted a full-solution approach that included the computer, the operating system (OS) for the computer, and most of the programs for the computer made inhouse by Apple. Microsoft made only the OS and much of the software and left the computer hardware to be made by other companies. Over the years, that distinction has been blurred somewhat. Microsoft now makes some hardware peripherals (e.g., mice, trackballs, & joysticks), some 2-in-1 tablets (e.g., Surface Pro and Surface RT), and Apple has started marketing it's OS and other software to run on hardware made by others. The rivalry between the two companies has been helpful for consumers because each has caused the other to improve it's products to compete.

The image on the right is from StumbleUpon, by way of member Juan Roman, depicting a fictitious conversation between the late Apple cofounder, Steve Jobs, and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates.

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