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The PC Club meets at the Panamerican School in Belen on the third Saturday of each month (except December, when we have a party instead).  Coffee, conversations, and snacks start at 08:30 AM and the meeting starts at 09:00 and lasts until 11:00.  All club business is conducted in English.  Anyone is welcome to visit one meeting, without joining first, to see if it might be useful for them.  The meetings always include a software and hardware clinic to solve problems that members have.  We started out as users of Windows and Linux on PCs, but we've expanded to include Macs, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc.  Members are encouraged to bring their latest gadgets to the meeting to show off, as well as problems that the club will try to solve free of charge.  We have information sharing at each meeting that usually proves beneficial to everyone.  Click here for directions to the meeting site or you can call the club president, Dick, at 2416-8493 or email him at for more information.  Some of our members don't live close enough to make it to the meetings, but they still receive all the other benefits of membership, such as access to the members-only content on this site and the General listserver that facilitates email contact between members. All of our monthly club meetings are recorded, transcribed, and summarized on this website (in the members-only section) so that members anywhere can benefit from them.

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A typical PC Club of Costa Rica Monthly Meeting

Click here for more information about our monthly meetings. The club meetings are fun and helpful and a good reason to be in the club, but there are other benefits as well. The Members-only section of this website offers references and tutorials on topics related to computing, such as software, hardware, network options, etc. All members are subscribed to a general mailing list so that you can send a message to one address and everyone receives it. This is often used to ask questions that can be answered on the same mailing list by several members. Although the club is based in Costa Rica, there are members from other places that participate only through the website. We also have a Member Forum, that allows members to post items in a bulletin-board fashion, and a private Facebook page.

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A typical PC Club Christmas Party

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