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Welcome to the PC Club of Costa Rica website! We appreciate all types of visitors and this site is also a gathering place for our members. Some folks have the idea that the term "PC" is confined to the Windows-software world. We take "Personal Computer" literally and welcome Mac, Windows, and Linux users alike. What we have in common is that we all share an interest in computing. And none of us feels that we have learned enough about it, yet. This ranges from new-age folk whose only computer is a smartphone (and their number is a majority that's growing fast) to those who've embraced towers, laptops, tablets, phones, watches, minis, or credit-card-size computers. Some of us have built hardware & software for fun & profit and others are new to computing. Most of our members came from the USA, Canada, or England to live in Costa Rica, but we've widened our member-base to English-speakers around the world. We've all learned from each other's experience and made lasting friendships along the way. We meet once a month in Belen (see the Club Meetings link above for details). All of our meetings are recorded, transcribed, summarized & added to this website so that members around the world can participate. Our site also has a Member Forum that hosts conversations between members online, wherever they are in the world.

The links at the top of every page on our site form our NavTop which takes two forms. The 1st 3 items on Right-side Menu the left (Home, Web News, & Club Meetings) are available to everyone who visits our website. If you hover over them w/ your mouse, you can see dropdown items as well. Clicking on the 'Home' link from any page on our site brings you back to this homepage. When members login to the site, 3 more items are added on the right side (Club Business, Refs & Tutorials, and Help) of the NavTop that are links to members-only content. Each of these items has subitems as well that appear when you place your cursor over it (except for Help currently) that are shown in the picture on the right. (Note: This is just a picture: the links don't work.) Many of them have a historical component. If you click on the top level item (e.g., Web News, you can access information going back several years. Also, if you hover over the Home link, you can see previews of some of the members-only items. Check it out!

Typical PC Club Christmas Party

A typical PC Club of Costa Rica Monthly Meeting

Click here for more information about our monthly meetings. The club meetings are fun and helpful and a good reason to be in the club, but there are other benefits as well. The Members-only section of this website offers references and tutorials on topics related to computing, such as software, hardware, network options, etc. All members are subscribed to a general mailing list so that you can send a message to one address and everyone receives it. This is often used to ask questions that can be answered on the same mailing list by several members. Although the club is based in Costa Rica, there are members from other places that participate only through the website. We also have a Member Forum, that allows members to post items in a bulletin-board fashion, and a private Facebook page.

A typical PC Club Christmas Party

We replace our monthly membership meeting in December with a party every year. Members prepare their favorite dish and bring it for all to share and their families to the party. In addition, many members choose to bring a quirky but inexpensive gift and participate in a "Yankee Swap". The gift you bring doesn't have to be new, but must be servicable and shouldn't cost over about $10. You wrap the gift in a way to disguise it. All participants pick a number from a hat. Whoever gets the lowest number picks a present from the pile and unwraps it for all to see. Succeding players have the option of picking a wrapped gift or taking a gift from someone who got something they like. (After a gift has been taken 3 times, it can't be 'stolen' any more.) If your gift is taken, you get to play again (picking from the pile or taking from someone else [other than the person who just 'stole' from you]).

Club News:

Some of the links on this site refer to Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you have difficulty viewing them, download the latest PDF reader for your platform here or here.

If you have a question or comment about anything on this page, send it to the club president.

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